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About me

Johnny This is my beloved rescue dog Johnny.

About me

My name is Lucie and animals are my big passion.

I have been doing this amazing job over three years and loving it.

My own wonderful rescue dog Johnny loves all his doggie friends as well. He came from and is Portugeese Podengo. This breed is treated very badly by the hunters in Portugal and Spain, just like galgos - the spanish greyhounds. I support the rescue whenever I can.

Growing up surrounded by animals, I have always shared a very special bond with all of our dogs and cats. Furthermore having guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters has given me a great deal of practical experience with small pet care. Setting up my own pet care service is fulfilling my dream of working with animals. Caring for pets is an enormous responsibility and a huge commitment, which I take very seriously. Wagging tails and a happy purr is my best reward at the end of the day.

Since I am the sole pet sitter for Lucie's Pet Care, you can be assured that your pets will have the same sitter every visit. Having the same sitter gives both you and your pets peace of mind and the ability to work with the same person for years to come and create a great bond.

I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends.